DataWindow Properties   

When invoking the function uf_describe_datawindow the following properties can be queried ...
Property for the DataWindowDescription
AttributesAll general properties.
BandsList of bands.
Bandname.propertyColor, height, and so on for a band, where bandname is Detail, Footer, Header, Summary, or Trailer.
Bandname.TextRich text content where bandname is Detail, Footer, or Header.
ColorBackground color.
Column.CountNumber of columns.
Crosstab.propertySettings for a crosstab DataWindow.
DataDescription of data.
Data.HTMLDescription of the data and format of the DataWindow in HTML format.
Data.HTMLTableDescription of the data in the DataWindow in HTML table format.
Data.XMLA string containing the row data content of the DataWindow object in XML format.
Data.XMLDTDA string containing the full document type definition (DTD) of the XML output for a DataWindow object.
Data.XMLSchemaA string containing the full schema of the XML output of a DataWindow object.
Data.XSLFOA string containing XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) that represents the data and presentation of the DataWindow object.
Detail.propertyColor, height, and so on for the detail band.
EditMask.propertySettings for EditMask edit style.
Export.PDF.Distill.CustomPostScriptSetting that enables you to specify the PostScript printer driver settings used when data is exported to PDF using the Distill! method.
Export.PDF.MethodSetting that determines whether data is exported to PDF from a DataWindow object by printing to a PostScript file and distilling to PDF, or by saving in XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) format and processing to PDF.
Export.PDF.XSLFOP.PrintSetting that enables you to send a DataWindow object directly to a printer using platform-independent Java printing when using the XSL-FO method to export to PDF. This is an option of the Apache FOP processor.
Export.XML.HeadGroupsSetting that causes elements, attributes, and all other items above the Detail Start element in an XML export template for a group DataWindow to be iterated for each group in the exported XML.
Export.XML.IncludeWhitespaceSetting that determines whether the XML document is formatted by inserting whitespace characters (carriage returns, linefeeds, tabs, and spacebar spaces)..
Export.XML.MetaDataTypeSetting that controls the type of metadata generated with the XML exported from a DataWindow object using the SaveAs method or a .Data.XML expression.
Export.XML.SaveMetaDataSetting that controls the storage format for the metadata generated with the XML exported from a DataWindow object using the SaveAs method or a .Data.XML expression.
Export.XML.TemplateCountThe number of XML export templates associated with a DataWindow object.
Export.XML.Template[ ].NameThe name of an XML export template associated with a DataWindow object.
Export.XML.UseTemplateSetting that optionally controls the logical structure of the XML exported from a DataWindow object using the SaveAs method or the .Data.XML property.
FirstRowOnPageThe row number of the first displayed row.
Font.BiasTreat fonts as display or printer.
Footer.propertyColor, height, and so on for the footer band (see in this table).
Grid.ColumnMoveWhether the user can drag to reposition columns.
Grid.LinesOptions for lines in grid DataWindow and crosstab.
Header.#.propertyColor, height, and so on for a group's header band.
Header.propertyColor, height, and so on for the header band.
Help.propertyHelp settings for DataWindow actions.
HideGrayLineWhether a gray line displays at page boundaries.
HorizontalScrollMaximumWidth of scroll box in the horizontal scrollbar.
HorizontalScrollMaximum2Width of second scroll box when scrollbar is split.
HorizontalScrollPositionPosition of the scroll box in the scrollbar.
HorizontalScrollPosition2Position of scroll box in second split scrollbar.
HorizontalScrollSplitThe position of the split in the scrollbar.
HTMLDW(exp) Whether HTML for the DataWindow is interactive and coordinated with a server component for retrievals and updates. Settings for HTML generation.
HTMLTable.propertySettings for the display of DataWindow data when displayed in HTML table format.
Import.XML.TraceSetting that determines whether import trace information is written to a log file.
Import.XML.TraceFileSpecifies the name and location of an import trace file.
Import.XML.UseTemplateSetting that optionally controls the logical structure of the XML imported from an XML file to a DataWindow object using the ImportFile method.
Label.propertySettings for the Label presentation style.
LastRowOnPageThe last visible row on the page.
Message.TitleThe title of the dialog box that displays errors.
NestedWhether the DataWindow has nested reports.
NoUserPromptDetermines whether an error message is displayed to the user.
ObjectsThe controls in the DataWindow.
OLE.Client.propertySettings for the DataWindow as OLE client.
Pointer(exp) The pointer when over the DataWindow.
Print.ButtonsWhether buttons display on the printed output.
Print.Preview.ButtonsWhether buttons display in print preview.
Print.propertyVarious settings for printing.
PrinterThe currently selected printer.
ProcessingProcessing required by the presentation style.
QueryModeWhether the DataWindow is in query mode.
QuerySortWhether to sort the result set from the query.
ReadOnlyWhether the DataWindow is read-only.
Retrieve.AsNeededWhether to retrieve data only as needed.
RichText.propertySettings for a RichText DataWindow.
Row.ResizeWhether user can change the height of rows.
Rows_Per_DetailNumber of rows in each column of N-Up style.
SelectedList of selected controls.
Selected.DataList of selected data.
Selected.MouseWhether user can use the mouse to select.
ShowDefinition(exp) Display column names instead of data.
Sparse(exp) The repeating columns to be suppressed.
StorageThe amount of storage used by DataWindow.
StoragePageSizeThe default page size for DataWindow storage.
Summary.propertyColor, height, and so on for the summary band.
SyntaxThe syntax of the DataWindow.
Syntax.DataThe data of the DataWindow in parse format.
Syntax.ModifiedWhether the syntax has been modified.
Table.propertyVarious settings for the database.
Table.sqlaction.propertyStored procedures for update activity.
Timer_IntervalThe milliseconds between timer events.
Trailer.#.propertyColor, height, and so on for a group's trailer band.
UnitsThe unit of measure for the DataWindow.
VerticalScrollMaximumThe height of the scroll box in the scrollbar.
VerticalScrollPositionThe position of the scroll box in the scrollbar.
ZoomThe scaling percentage of the DataWindow.